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Snafi Tablets and Usage:

  • Recommended to take one tablet 20 mg, there should be a gap of three days between each dose.
  • Those who do not exercise continuously, only take the drug when needed.
  • Snafi dose should be taken half hour before the intercourse, with or without food.
  • Never eat more than one tablet (20mg) at a time.
  • Never take two doses at the same day.
  • Effective and safe for diabetics and patients with blood pressure.
  • The risk of impaired vision is low compared to other similar medicines.
  • The effect of Snafi remains up to 36 hours (per tablet).
  • Heart patients should not use the drugs without the doctoral advice.
  • Kidney patients should take half of the dose (10 mg).

Snafi Side Effects:

15% of people may suffer some of the side effects as following:

  1. Facial flushing.
  2. Headache.
  3. Stomach related problems like pain.
  4. Nasal congestion.
  5. Nausea and diarrhea.
  6. Color blindness.
  7. Hearing problems (in rare cases).
  8. Effects on Vision.
  9. Painful Erections (in rare cases).

Snafi Tablets Price:

In Saudi Arabia Snafi can cost : 137 Saudi Riyal.

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